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methodology MRAF®

Why study with
"Les Rois du Français"


Our method has been designed by experts in the French language with years of
teaching experience. Learn now with our native teachers, experts in the
teaching of the French language.



French teacher, comes from La Rochelle

I aspire to multiculturalism through language exchange, open-mindedness and kindness to be able to provide students with a 100% French experience.



French teacher, comes from Toulouse

French is a key that opens the doors of culture and understanding of the world. I I would love for you to be part of the Les Rois du français family.



French teacher, comes from Paris

Professionalism and dynamism is a fundamental value of my classes.



French teacher, comes from Lille

Learning a language is immersing yourself in another culture!


Eduardo Market Student

I had my doubts about the fact learn a language online...but with RDF, I made super-easy learn French. I love the atmosphere. Very professional but attentive to the needs of each one.

Paola Gonzalez Student

Very valuable to the classes and the teachers are good because they teach us quite well, it helps us us to change the methodology of the classes And teachers. A lot of professionalism to everything. Recommend!!!

Gabriel Student

I learned to speak in less than 1 year! I love its education system and teachers to be French. Highly recommended.


the French language has
220 million
speakers in the


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Frequent Questions

The Method MRAF, Methode Rapide d'apprentissage du français, developed by
experts in the language, offers an interactive approach that allows you to learn French
quick and natural, providing students with the tools
necessary to master the language in the shortest time possible."

If. With the Method MRAF, students will experience a remarkable progress in all the language skills essential to the French, ensuring a holistic development in listening comprehension, written expression, reading, and oral communication."

In les Rois du Français, students have the opportunity to move from
levels beginners to advanced, ensuring a progressive domination and
full of the French language."

When you sign up with Les Rois du Français, you will receive free of charge the valuable
educational material that includes your own book of activities, thus ensuring a
effective learning and custom." The study material is completely

In Les Rois du Français, our teachers osn French, highly trained
and specialized in our methodology MRAF, ensuring a teaching
quality that is perfectly suited to the needs of the students.

In Les Rois du Français, we carefully select our teachers
French, making sure that they are highly qualified. Not only are engaged
to impart knowledge, but also take care of their students and their progress
in learning French, creating an excellent learning environment

Experience a unique and educational experience with Les Rois du Français, where
every class is a live connection via Zoom. Our classes are 100%
custom, with groups of maximum 8 people, and a duration of 50 minutes.

Throughout the lesson, the student participates actively interacting with both
your master as with their peers, ensuring a dynamic learning and

In Les Rois du Français, we offer a unique experience with a
rotation of teachers from various regions of France. This not only
enriches the lessons with anecdotes different life, but also with
varied accents, giving students an immersion authentic
cultural and linguistic wealth of the French

Learn with Les Rois du Français offers a unique and educational experience and
effectively, overcoming the limitations of traditional schools. Our
innovative methodology, custom classes with live teachers
various regions of France, small groups, and a dynamic approach,
provide a learning environment immersive that adapts to the
individual needs of each student, thus overcoming the restrictions of the
traditional way of teaching and offering a more enriching and efficient
learn French.

In Les Rois du Français, we understand the importance of flexibility in your
learning. We offer flexible class times that fit your
needs. While we work to find a convenient time for you at the
start, once you've joined a group, we keep a fixed time for
to ensure the consistency and effectiveness of your learning process.

In a class with Les Rois du Français, you will experience an educational environment
dynamic and customized. We started with an online connection, followed by a
introduction careful of the topic by the teacher. Through activities
interactive and guided practices, students are actively involved, encouraging
communication in French. Group discussions and feedback
customized ensure effective learning.

To participate in the classes online Les Rois du Français, you'll need a
device with a webcam and microphone, and internet access stable, and the ability
use platforms for video conferencing such as Zoom. Make sure you have
a web browser installed updated, and if necessary, tools
productivity as Microsoft Office or Google Workspace for an experience of
learning complete and effective.

The process to start taking classes with us is simple and efficient.
Starts with registration and registration via our sales agents, who
will guide you through the process. Subsequently, choose your level and schedule according to your
convenience. Payment is made securely through PayPal or card
bank. Once the payment is completed, we will send you your study material.


Then, simply log in at the scheduled day and time to start your
the exciting journey of learning French with Les Rois du Français.

With our quick and effective method, students can experience
remarkable progress in a short period of time. From the first day,
you will begin to learn new words and to participate in conversations
interactive and fun. Our methodology natural and dynamic allows
students speak fluently quickly, providing a experience
learning immediate and gratifying.

On the successful completion of our levels, students will receive certificates that
validate and certify their achievements, providing tangible proof of its
progress and skills acquired in the learning of the French-Les Rois du

We offer various payment options for your convenience. You can make the payment
through PayPal, either via a direct transfer or by using the
service payment with bank card, PayPal. Thus, we ensure a process
safe and accessible for our students.